Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Preparing For Portland?

Well… here it is October 2nd, and on the 7th I run the Portland Marathon. I find it comical; here I am running all over the place, and I have yet to run the Marathon in my own city!

I want to do well, but not push so hard that it may hinder my training for Ultracentric in November. I hear it may be rainy, but then again, it is Portland…. What do you expect!? As far as training goes, I haven’t really followed anyone’s “marathon training plan” or whatnot; my training goes something like this.

When I feel like running…. I go for a run.
When I don’t feel like running…. I really need to go for a run.
When I feel I may be hurting myself…. I lay off.

No matter what’s going on, though, on Mondays (and sometimes Wednesdays) I have to run with Team Red Lizard at Portland Running Company in Tigard. Its imperative… well… a whole lot of fun. You should come too! 6 PM!

And as far as eating… I like pasta! And anything else I can get my hands on. I know what I should be eating, but actually eating right… not all the time. One of the guys in Team Red Lizard joked about having a beer for me at mile 24 of the race. Ha Ha. I’ll see what happens with that.

Look for me to finish in about 3:45 to 4:00, but who knows…. Crazy things can happen in a marathon. I might be really fast! Or not.

Until next time, keep running
And good luck to all the Marathoners this weekend!

Tim Lawson

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BenB said...

Nice tee. Do shorter runs faster, that is the only way you will do well at texas. Tempo runs are the way Tim Stroh go, and he only does 30 miles a week. He is much faster than I, and it shows. Train fast, compete fast.