Friday, August 31, 2007

My Blog is Born!

Well I did it.
I started my Blog.
And now I don't know what I will write about!
I guess I will start out by introducing myself.... My name is Tim Lawson and my friends call me crazy. I began running 4 years ago, and soon found my love of distance running.
I attempted my first ultra in '04... the key word is attempted. It was a 100k race, but 13 miles in I slipped off the trail at a sharp switchback and tumbled down the edge of the ravine. It was not pretty sight. I hobbled 5miles to the next aid station and pulled out at mile 18.
I never did give up though... I decided, after that, that I'd definitely finish the next race I ran. It was a couple years before I ran another ultra, and some might say I was a little stupid about the ultra I chose..... the second ultra I ever attempted and the first one I finished was a 6 day race back in New York City in New York in '06. I was ecstatic when I returned home after completing 285 miles in the 6 days placing eighth.
That fall I ran a 50k race... slow.... 6:15:03, and less than a month later I ran 2 marathons on back to back days in Seattle: 4:11:59 for the first and 4:30:30 for the second. I did a few more marathons after that before I ran my next ultra, another 6 day race in which I ran 315miles (505kilometers or approx.12 marathons.)
Now I am in training for Ultracentric Nov.16-17th 2007 and I hope to complete 140 miles within the 24 hours. I know its a tall order, but I am determined. Also with some family and possibly having a camera pointing at me throughout the race, I will be pushing harder than I have in any previous race.
Well.... Now you know who I am and what I'm about..... I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I'm sure I will enjoy writing them.
-Tim Lawson-