Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Slightly Competetive?

So I’ve been noticing my competitive side coming out…

Yesterday I went running with the Red Lizards, and we all started out at about a ten-minute mile pace, which to me felt slow. After about half a mile, I was feeling slightly impatient, I jumped up to the front of the pack and picked up the pace a little bit. A few other guys soon followed me in our faster pace, and we were soon pushing each other faster and faster.

We came to the first big hill, and one of the other guys, Jon, took off up the hill like a shot. Another guy, Robert (who’s a 5 time Ironman by the way,) followed suit and was soon leading the ascent up the hill. I didn’t want to look bad, or like I was slacking off, so I pushed myself to just stay on their heels. We were running quite a bit harder than I have in quite a while.

I thought it was comical. There were a couple points of the run in which the three of us were running shoulder to shoulder, and when one person pulled slightly forward, the other two would run harder to get just ahead of them, no one wanting to be left in the dust.

We ran by a high school, and our resident Ironman needed to use the porta-potty. Jon and I know that he is a lot faster than we are, so we couldn’t let him catch us in the last stretch to the finish. We pushed and pushed and when Jon looked down at his GPS watch, he exclaimed that we were running a 6:30 pace. I, for one, was incredibly surprised. We finished the run without Robert catching back up to us, and our average pace for the six-miler, in spite of the sluggish start and all the hills, was 7:14. Not bad for me. Running like that feels good every once in a while, but with Ultracentric just around the corner, I shouldn’t be doing that every day.

I know I need to be careful in these few weeks before the 24-hour race, especially considering a pain I have been feeling recently. I noticed a pain in the middle of my left shin that had not crept up from the base of my shin like shin splints would have, so I was worried that it was a stress fracture. I have been taking ice cold baths after running, and taking it easier on my runs to try to see if I might heal up. I have good news, after that hard run yesterday, my shin was not in the least bit sore. I’ll keep an eye on it though, after all, I have less than three weeks until the big race, and I don’t want a stress fracture to turn into a compound fracture in the middle of it.

Until next time, keep running!

Tim Lawson

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