Monday, July 7, 2008

Whew... What A Week!

Wow..... that was quite a week! ( June 30th - July 6th )

-I attended the Olympic Trials on the 30th, and got to watch the Oregon Boys sweep the 800meter!!! Here's The Incredible Video

-I ran into my fast friend (Elijah Greer) at the Trials and got to chat with him for a while.

-I got inspired to put in the milage that I should be doing

-I put in 115mi for the week, and

-I ran 41mi (slow) on the 4th (scrambling up and down steep embankmets off the trail, finding the highest peaks around to summit, playing in the snow, and pausing to take a lot of pictures is not the most efficient way to cover a lot of milage.... thus, the 41mi took me from 6:30a to 9:45p)
on my 4th of July run... I ran into some guys who were up in the snow above 4,000ft who had never been up that high before, didn't know the trails, and stupidly did not have a map.... so I gave them mine.

The feeling of the run was wierd....

There was a dense fog covering much of the run causing an eerie feeling .... and that mixed with the twisted trees and branches littering the ground made the place have almost a haunting feel.

but eventually the fog lifted and I found myself running in the snow!

I took it easy.... and had lunch on the edge of a 200+ft cliff.... I was taking my time and just enjoying it all. I got going again and as I made it up toward Whatum Lake I decided to climb up Mt Chinidere.... at 4,673ft, I wouldnt really consider it a Mountain.... But thats it's name. I was beautiful atop the mountain. One day I will Camp out up there and enjoy sunrise from up there. Were it clear, it would be an awesome vantage point for Mt Hood, but it was foggy

for more pics.... check out this link