Saturday, April 26, 2008

Self-Transcendence Six and Ten Day Race 2008 - April 23 to May 3

Those of you who know me know I am fascinated with Multiday racing, especially the 6 day event. I love the history of the 6 day race: New York Times Article posted Dec. 2 1888 covering George Littlewood's World Record Performance; and more recent events: Yiannis Kouros running 643 miles in 6 days on 3 hours of sleep in 2005. If you also love the history of this sport, This Article is another must-read.

But back to why I am posting this.... In spite of my love of the 6 day, I am not competing this coming week. Some have asked me why, and I have to say it is that although I love the 6 day, I really want to be focusing on the 24hr race to improve at that distance, but I do plan to compete in a 6 day every-other year, so you can expect me back next year; this year I have to be content to sit on the sidelines.

I was originally worried about the turnout at this year's event because of Sri Chinmoy's death this past year; he was a spiritual guide for the majority of the runners, and the race was put together by his organization, however there is a large gathering of runners back in New York right now to run, including some remarkable runners......

All Bios of the runners can be read at, and believe me..... they are worth reading.

The array of runners includes some World Record holders, several National Record holders, and just some downright crazy people.... now you've got me feeling sentimental....

The 10 day race began Wednesday April 23rd at Noon EST, and the 6 day race is scheduled to join them Sunday April 27th also at Noon EST. Both Races will Conclude May 3rd at Noon, and you can expect updates from me throughout the race.... I may be across the country, but I am watching the website like a hawk, and have even spent some time on the phone with some of the racers.

Anyway.... Check out the Following links to learn more...

Race Home Page

Daily Results

Photo Gallery

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Andy Carson 40 mile Fun Run (+10)

When I heard a couple months ago that local television personality and weatherman, Andy Carson, was going to celebrate his 40th birthday by running 40 miles, I was excited to sign up. The fact that they were putting the run on as a benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society made it all the better.

So on Wednesday, April 16th, Steve and I got down to the Portland waterfront at about 7:30am to pick up our packets and get ready to run. We got to talk to Andy for a little while before the start, and during the 7 1/2 hour long day, we got to talk to him quite a bit more.

Steve, Andy, and I before the start.

We couldnt have asked for a better day; it was high 40s low 50s all day, overcast, and fairly dry. Andy being a Weatherman, I give him the credit for the awesome day. Of the group of us who started the day with Andy, 7 of us completed the entire 40mi with him. Other people were coming and going all the while showing their support. We finished faster than Andy had originally projected, 7:23:14! Not too shabby, but he said he didn't catch the ultrarunning bug..... famous last words.....

Andy with the 40 milers (save 1)

Dave and Paula Harkin of Portland Running Company and who really put this whole thing together.

On the Air.....

For clips from throughout the day, follow the links below.....

Pre-Run Video

Run Start Video

Post-Run Video

Steve and I wanted to finish the day with 50mi, so we joined up with the Wednesday group run and then I put in another 1.5 miles to finish off the great day with exactly 50mi. it was a lot of fun, and I hope Andy decides that this pain is fun (ha ha), and I hope to see him at some future ultras.

Heal Quick Andy!

Tim Lawson

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Vibram Five Fingers Out!

I've been runing in the Five finger Sprints for a while, and heard about the new KSOs from reading Barefoot Ted's Blog and I was excited about the new models coming out.

I recently went to their website to see if the new products were out yet, and they are!!!! I'll be sure to get a new pair soon! Here's the links to the different models, and a little about each....

"When you’re scrambling up a rocky bluff or bounding along a riverbank, the last thing you want is gravel and grit seeping into your FiveFingers. The KSO is an all-new design with thin, abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide and breathable stretch mesh that wraps your entire forefoot to “Keep Stuff Out.” A single hook-and-loop closure helps secure the fit. Non-marking Vibram TC1 performance rubber soles are razor-siped for a sure grip." *

"Whether ChiRunning in colder temperatures or crossing a stream with your kayak, the new FiveFingers Flow provides comfortable barefoot protection. A 1.2mm Neoprene lining and 2mm EVA footbed provide the thermal insulation and protection. And our new GM50 performance rubber (available only in black) is razor-siped for added slip resistance over a variety of surfaces."*

Then there's the good old classic Vibrams
"This patent-pending FiveFingers design takes a minimalist approach to barefooting. Non-marking Vibram TC1 performance rubber soles protect your feet and provide a sure grip over a variety of terrain. A thin, abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric fits low on the foot—for comfort and quick drying."*

And the pair I currently wear.
"Some have called FiveFingers Sprint the most versatile footwear they own. Adjustable hook-and-loop closures cross over the instep and surround the heel for a personalized, secure fit. A thin abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric follows the contour of the foot for comfort. And a flexible, non-marking TC1 performance rubber sole is razor siped to enhance grip over a variety of terrain."*
*all quotes about products derived from