Saturday, May 3, 2008

Self-Transcendence Multiday Races Finished

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this years Self-Transcendence 6 and 10 day races!
John Geesler, Kaneenika Janakova, Dipali Cunningham, and Wolfgang Schwerk
This years champions were....

Wolfgang Schwerk (Germany) is the overall Men's 10day Champion with a distance of 829miles!!!! This in and of itself is absolutly incredible, but taking into concideration his win at the Athens International Ultramarathon Fesival just last month (1.012,00km / 628.8mi in 7 days) he is an absolute machine!

He was the favorite going into the race. His resume includes holding 70 records for distances over 1,300mi including the world record for the world's longest certified race: 3,100mi in 41 days 8hrs! He has also completed 627mi within 6 days to become only the 13th person to break 600 in 6 within the last 150yrs! His 24hr PR is also outageously fast: 171mi in 24hrs! Congratulations!!!!

In second place with an impressive resume of his own is his countryman Achim Heukemes with 701miles! Heukemes has a 1,000 mi PR of 11 days,18 hours, and has run over 150 miles for 24 hours. He has even run 2838 miles in the Trans Australia Race Stage Race!

Vladimir Balatsky of Ukraine rounds out the top three men with 660mi. He broke last years Distance by 7 miles.

In fourth is Glen Turner of Boulder, Colorado with 647mi.... I just had to include him on here to tell you what is coming up next for him.... This summer, Glen will be embarking on a 3 year, 25,000mi run around the world.... you can check it out at

In the women's race... Kaneenika Janakova is the Women's champion with 667mi. Her previous PRs are 422 mi in the 6day, 700 miles in 10 days, 19 hrs, and 1,000 miles in 15 days, 19 hrs. Not only are these her Personal Records...they also are Slovakian national records.

Second place woman is Ivana Nemcova with 634mi. Her previous record was 507mi; 127mi improvement!

Lenka Svecova (Czech Republic) finished third with 465mi. Her bests include 1000 miles in 15 days 15 hrs, 635 miles for ten days (split), and 413 miles for 6 days - all national records.

In the 6day:

John Geesler (USA) is the Men's Champion with 433 miles! John's bests include the US record of 248 mi in 48 hrs, his age-group record of 157.9mi in 24 hrs, and in 2005 he ran 300mi within 3 days!
Igor Mudryk (Ukraine) came in second in the 6 day with 420 mi! His previous 10 day PR was 533mi.

Pranjal Milovnik of Slovakia finished third with 375mi. He has previously run 622 mi for the 10day and 392 in the 6 day. He also has completed the 3,100 mi race 3 times with a PR of 51 days 16hrs.

In the Women's 6 day....

Dipali Cunningham, an incredible runner and World Record holder from Australia, won with 467miles; she came out the overall wimmer in the 6 day.

"Dipali is one of the world's best women ultra-distance runners. She has won 19 of the 22 multiday events she has entered since 1992, including five overall victories. In the spring of 2001 she set a new women’s world record on the road for six days with 510 miles, defeating all the men in that race. In 2001 she ran 700 miles in 9 days 11 hours, the third fastest all-time for women. In 1998 she set a women’s world best on the road for six-days with 504 miles, despite heavy rains at Wards Island Park. In 1999 she won the 700 mile race overall in 10 days, 21 hours. She is ranked third in the world for 700 miles, and third for 1000 miles, having dominated the women's 1000 mile race in 1997 in 13 days, 20 hours. She has won all ten Six Day titles in our spring-time event. She is also the women’s course record holder for the Ten Day with 723 miles.In 2004,Dipali set a new women’s age group 45-49 world best for six days with 479 miles. Later in the fall, she won the 700 mile race overall, her eighth victory in that event.*" Excerpt From Race Website

Second place is Barbara Sorrell of the USA with 319 miles in her first ever Miltiday!

Third place is Uljana Jevdokimova if Finland. In this, her second miltiday, she finished 276 miles; 31miles petter than in her previous race.

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