Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keep an eye on this kid ( Elijah Greer )

I'm just tapering right now so nothing exciting is really happening.... so I thought I'ld tell you about what transpired at the recent OSAA Track and Field championships....

Elijah Greer, a junior at Lake Oswego Highschool, who also happens to be a friend, ran an outstanding 800m race : 1:50.60 , which also happens to be a State Meet Record!

Here's the Video (he's starting in lane 4)

I contacted him after seeing the highlights on the News to ask what other races he was running that weekend.... his reply "Just running 4x400 and 800... Our 4x400 team got 6th at the finals with a 3:20.99. i splited a low 48 for my leg."

Crazy..... Keep an eye out for him.... I'm certain we'll be hearing much more about him in the near future (he is only 17 after all)

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