Friday, September 5, 2008

Laborday '08

I had a couple days off work, so naturally I took off running in the Columbia River Gorge....

It was a weekend of running, hiking, swimming, relaxing, playing, sweating, smiling, grimmacing, and enjoying the beautiful North West.

Words wont do it justice, so I'll leave you with a couple videos and some of my favorite pictures I took.

Leaves are already changing color!

Nutrition!.... (I did have some healthy stuff too)

Enjoying being up there


Another view of the Sunset

Sunrise against Mt. Hood

Sunrise in the Columbia River Gorge

Watching the Sunrise

The cliffs I slept atop (1,000ft sheer drop and the rock fallout extends another 1,000ft) reflecting the sunrise

I love it out here

I slept at the precepice of that cliff!

These little guys were all over the place!


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BenB said...

Cool pics man, I am jealous that Boise does not have the terrain the you get out there in Portland. Make sure to tear up the PCT for me buddy. Also, consider coming up to Seattle in May for the Watershed Preserve 12 hr?