Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Wake Up Call - My Birthday Present To Me

Here it is.... Tuesday August 12th, and I'm supposed to be running right now....

I turn 23 tomarrow, so the plan was to run the 23hrs leading up to my 23rd birthday, and that is not exactly what happened. I lasted a while... 5hrs, but I had a perfect storm that dashed my desire and ability to run a good 23hrs.....

1. I havent been training like I should be.

I havent run more than 12 miles at a time since the 4th of July, and recently I have been so busy I've even struggled a couple weeks to run 35mi, and I hadn't even gooten in a run since last Thursday.

2. I was Unprepared.

I didnt even start getting stuff together for the run until I was within 1/2hr of starting ha ha

3. The Previous Weekend

I took part this past weekend in the 48hr Film Project (link) which basically led to making my weekend a time of bindging on junkfood and sleep deprivation.

but thank you to everyone who came out to cheer me on (even at 1am! Mercedes and Taber) and to those who planned to (Kelly, Steve, Jeff....)

maybe this will be enough to kickstart my training and get it going in the direction it should be

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