Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Favorite Blog

So I've been tapering for my 24hr race this weekend, and therefore have nothing interesting to write about myself.... Nothing much fun or exciting really happens when you're tapering. (except in my case when I injure myself the day before a race. ha ha.)

So I have decided to take some time to tell you about my favorite online blog......

Dirt Diva
I came across Catra's Blog by accident one day while looking around for crazy races I could aspire to run, and her blog was so unique, interesting, and inspiring, that now I'm checking her blog daily, keeping an eye out for new posts

This is not simply a blog for Runners, or Crossfitters, but I believe anyone with the drive to achieve more/greater would benefit by hearing the things Catra has to say.

Her posts are intelligent and thoughtful, her love for life seems to just leap off the screen as you read, and wow is it infectious.

Do yourself a favor and go check out Dirt Diva if you haven't already; you are sure to enjoy it.

(Photo courtesy of Catra Corbett)

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olga said...

Tim, aside from cutie pie Catra, soryy things didn't go the way you planned them, and I hope you're feeling somewhat better now. Take Cranberry juice, cran pills, and if it hurts, get antibiotics from a doctor. Do NOT let it go if it hurts!