Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cold morning for Speedwork

I woke up this morning knowing I needed to get to the track, however the streets had a fresh coat of black ice, and it was just plain cold. I finally mustered the willpower to put on my YakTrax and head out the door.

I am glad I did. I ran the mile and a half to the track withought any trouble, and when I got there I decided to test the track surface. I took my Yak Trax off for one loop, and I was sliding all over the place; it was a literal ice rink out there. When I put them back on, I had no problem sprinting around the loop so I started on my 800 meter repeats; 8 repetitions with a minutes rest between each. I wasn't fast at all, but it felt good running sprints on ice while wearing split-leg shorts. ha ha.

I finished up my sprints and jogged back home. By that time the sun had begun to rise, and a very light dusting of snow covered everything.

I knew I wanted to post something about it on here, so I got out my camera once I got home to take some pictures of the beautiful morning.

When I got over to the park over my house, birds were out in vast numbers making a lot of noise, so I thought I'ld get a little video to show you.

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