Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Operation Jack 7hr Challenge

I'm back, and it feels awesome.

left to right, Steve Walters, Sam Felsenfeld, and that funky looking guy on the right is me!

Sunday, September 5th was my first ultra since November of '08, and it feels incredible to be back at it. Basically, in that time, I did no running at all except a little bit of barefoot running over the last couple months, so I had minimal mileage under my belt. In fact, the longest run I had done in the few weeks prior to the Operation Jack 7hr was a 12mi barefoot run on hot pavement less than 2 weeks earlier.

I wasn't expecting a great distance due to my extremely low miles and that it would be the longest run I had ever done in my Vibrams, but I had one thing on my side, I am intimately accustomed to the slow burn of long runs.

I ran "fast" for a while, but slowed down soon after, I wasted a lot of time talking and laughing at the aid station, and I just didn't care about distance; I was there to have a good time, and a good time I had! I finished 32.3mi within that 7hrs and even ran the last half mile, or so, barefoot to see how my feet were doing. They were great; no blisters, no pre-blisters, nothing, just smelly. haha

The run was for a great cause, and if you want to hear more about the run and what all happened, here is Sam's race report: http://operationjack.org/blog/?i=231

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